As a U.S. Service Disabled Veteran Owned business, MultiNetworks recognizes that having agile IT can help you move projects into Production faster. The consultants and architects at MultiNetworks have a wide array of experience in DevOps tools to help create an organizational and cultural shift to embrace DevOps.
DevOps - An Explanation DevOps - An Explanation
IT traditionally encompasses functionally-segregated organizations or silo’s, where there is rarely cross-departmental integration or communication. Development, QA (Quality Assurance), and IT Operations all operate as individual entities. With DevOps, this process is decoupled and inter-departmental communication and collaboration are encouraged.

The biggest challenge with the DevOps is the cultural shift that organizations must undoubtedly undergo. DevOps moves away from the mindset of “well this is how we’ve always done it”, and employs a new working model. This change requires trust, empowerment, and responsibility. MultiNetworks can show you how to accomplish this.

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Empower your developers by adopting the necessary practices, tools, and cultural change to delivery agility.
Continuous Integration
Your developers can combine source code into a centralized repository to streamline automated builds and tests.
Continuous Delivery
Extending on the Continuous Integration process, Continuous Delivery provides a thoroughly vetted applications that are production-ready.
DevOps U.S. Service Disabled Veteran Owned IT

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